A person's hearing is as unique as their fingerprint. Everyone perceives sounds with different levels of intensity. Even differences between the left and right ear are very common and perfectly normal. Since almost no one hears perfectly, sound personalisation will help optimize sound individually depending on your own hearing ability. Music played with sound personalisation provides a sound that most people have never been able to enjoy before.

Sound personalisation is suitable for anyone who can hear. It does not matter whether your young or old, hearing impaired or have good hearing. Unfortunately, our method is not suitable for people who have almost lost their hearing.

This is a very good prerequisite for being able to enjoy your favourite music. If you now also personalise the sound for your ears, you will experience your music in a completely new way. Try it. The hearing test only takes a few minutes.

Even if you can hear very well, your hearing may not be perfect. With a sound that is personally adapted to you and the headphones you are using, you will certainly experience your music even more intensely.


In order to use the awedia Media Player fully, you will need an Android smartphone (minimum version Android 5.0) our awedia Media Player app, your favourite headphones and some good music.

You don't need expensive headphones to benefit from the awedia Media Player. Our sound personalisation technology works with any commercially available headphones or earphones. Our app will conjure a sound that you might otherwise only know from high-quality headphones.

If you have a high-quality USB-DAC that is supported by your smartphone, then yes you can. In order to get the best sound quality for you, we recommend that you do a hearing test using your external headphone amplifier / USB-DAC. This way you will get the best possible sound out of your setup.


In the playback view of your awedia Media Player you will find a symbol in the shape of an ear. If you tap this symbol, you can switch the personalisation on or off. White ear means that the sound personalisation is off. Green ear means sound personalisation is switched on. Alternatively, you can also find the ear in the notification tray by dragging the menu of your Android smartphone down from the top of the screen with your finger. However, personalisation can only be switched on if a hearing test has been completed and the hearing profile has been activated. You can look under "Settings – Hearing Profiles" to find out whether hearing profiles are already available or not.

You can find the intensity under this icon Equalizer weiß If the personalisation is switched on, i.e. the ear lights up green, you can adjust the strength of the personalization to your taste at any time..

This feature allows you to adjust the intensity of your sound personalisation. You can choose according to your hearing ability or your personal taste. Give each a try and decide which setting is best for you.

Yes! In the free version, you can create up to two different hearing profiles for different requirements, such as different headphones, for example. In the premium version you have the option to create as many profiles as you like/need.


Currently MP3 and WMA formats are supported. We are working on the implementation of further audio formats.

Then you are probably using a smartphone with Android 10. This is a known Google bug. Google is working as hard as we are on a solution. As soon as Google fixes the problem, this feature will be available and you will be able to see your album art.

Yes. Simply activate your hearing profile and select Spotify or Deezer under "Apps".

Currently (as of 13th August 2020) Spotify and Deezer are implemented as usable streaming services. Each streaming service provider uses its own technology, which makes it difficult to implement additional services. We have high quality standards and meticulously test implementations for stable functionality and gain in hearing quality. We are constantly working hard to improve our product, so that we can implement additional services as we find solutions for each of the technologies.

Hearing Test

In the standard hearing test, the entire audible range is divided into five or nine (this depends on your smartphone and is set automatically) frequency ranges. That already delivers a very good result for personalised sound. If you love music and you want to get the most out of your sound, please be sure to try the extended hearing test. The extended test divides the entire audible range into 24 frequencies. For your listening enjoyment, this means that the sound will be tailored more precisely to your hearing. You will perceive nuances far better than before. The extended hearing test, however, takes a total of 10 to 15 minutes (depending on your hearing ability). It is best to take your time and complete this test in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

The standard hearing test takes about two to three minutes, depending on your hearing ability. You should take about 10 to 15 minutes for the extended hearing test.

Our awedia Media Player algorithm will only be able to optimise sound for you personally if it knows your hearing ability. For this reason, it is important to take a hearing test before using the app. The hearing test is simple and does not take long to complete.


So that you can enjoy your personalised sound permanently and have access to your hearing profiles on multiple devices. You won't have to create a new profile and complete a hearing test for each device you use. You can simply port your settings to other smartphones or tablets at any time you choose.

Registration is free of charge, but not all functions are permanently available in the free version. In addition, we make use of advertising in the free version. If the advertisements bother you, or if you want to use the full range of functions without restriction, we have created an advertising-free and cost-effective premium version for you.

Initially, your hearing profile is saved anonymously and is available to you via your guest account - just like that of a registered user. Your anonymous profile will only be deactivated once the test period is over. You can easily convert your anonymous guest account into a registered account at any time during the test period. This will give you permanently access to your hearing profiles and other functions.

In order to be able to continue to offer a free version of our app for newcomers, we unfortunately cannot avoid including advertising. Not only the development of the app, but also the hosting and support incur running costs, which we partially counter-finance with the installed advertising. If you are bothered by the ads, you always have the option - for a small monthly fee - to permanently remove the advertising and activate additional functions. You can activate your premium account in the app under "Settings – Activate Premium Account". This setting can also be found under "Settings – Account".

No problem! Just use our “forgot password” function. An email with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to the address you used when you registered. Just go to "Settings – Account" in the app and tap on "Log out". You will then be taken to the login window. Then tap the “Forgot password” link and check your e-mail. You will receive a link to reset your password. If you are still unable to log in or you have not received an email, please contact our support at:: hello@awedia.de.

What is the difference between the account types (anonymous guest / free version / premium)?: Account Features

Hearing Deficits

Of course you can! Simply create a hearing profile by completing a hearing test. Our algorithms will automatically find the best settings for you, based on the results of your hearing test. The awedia Media Player is suitable for almost everyone who enjoys listening to music.

In principle, we do not recommend the simultaneous use of medical hearing aids in combination with the awedia Media Player. If you normally wear hearing aids, we recommend that you switch them off before using our app or, even better, remove them completely. It is very important that you also do this when you take the hearing test. Remove your hearing aids and perform the hearing test without the use of hearing aids. If you use hearing aids in connection with our awedia Media Player, undesirable effects can arise and even cause further irreversible hearing damage! In addition, medical hearing aids use other algorithms that are primarily designed for speech and can possibly distort the sound of your music. The awedia Media Player is not a medical product and cannot replace one at this point in time!

Unfortunately, no. On the one hand, the awedia media player is not a medical product and, on the other hand, the result of the hearing test also depends on the headphones used. But no reason to worry - it only takes a few minutes to create a hearing profile with your favorite headphones.

No, the awedia Media Player is currently not a medical product. We are working on having our product certified as a medical device in the future.


Please contact our support at: hello@awedia.de We are happy to help you!