Undiluted Sounds

Undiluted Sounds

We are happy to introduce our cooperation partner UNDILUTED SOUNDS. They are a start-up in the field of headphone technology that focuses on the modeling and production of individualised in-ear systems. Both owners come from the field of hearing acoustics and engineering with a focus on 3D simulation / 3D modeling. The combination of hearing acoustics and 3D modeling has resulted in the professional production of customised in-ear systems of the highest quality.

Follow this link to get to their website.

Custom in-ears

Custom in-ears – top class headphones from the world of stage acoustics. These headphones are specially tailored to the anatomy of the ear and are manufactured using the Digital-Light-Process, a special 3D printing method. For this process, the outer ear and auditory canal is scanned and individually adapted to the spatial structure of the ear using software (computer-aided-design, short: CAD). With their in-house development process, they offer the fitting of sound hardware at the highest level.

Undiluted Sounds
  • unique process for optimal adaptation of the ear shell shape using computer software
  • manufacturing of the shells using the DLP-3D-Printing process
  • no uncomfortable feeling of pressure when enjoying music for a longer period of time
  • no wobbling or slipping of the headphones – even during sports
  • damping of distracting noises from the outside and, through the individualisation, optimised sound
  • compensation of the non-linearity of the ear canal by means of sound personalisation

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