Sound personalisation and all-in-one media player – get your best individual sound with the awedia media player.
  • Wow-effect

    Customise the sound of your favorite music and videos to your hearing.

  • All-in-one

    Play music and videos from your mobile phone and all popular streaming services.

  • Hear better

    Compensate for hearing deficits and hear all the nuances and rich sound again.

awedia on Android smartphone
  • No extra hardware

    Get everything out of your favorite headphones and save several profiles.

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive user interface in multiple languages.

  • Ready to use quickly

    The basic hearing test only takes two minutes. Are you a real music lover? We have installed an extended hearing test for you.

    Sound personalisation
    Locally stored media
    Streaming services
    Hearing profiles 2 unlimited
    Basic hearing test (9 points of measurements per ear)
    Extended hearing test (24 points of measurements per ear)
    Hearing test fine-tuning
    Different audio algorithms
    Multiple devices up to three
  • awedia on Android smartphone

    Install, do a hearing test, enjoy sound

    Load the app, create your account and start your personalised listening experience immediately.

    • Download

      Download the awedia media player for your smartphone or tablet from the Playstore (Andriod) or App Store (iOS).

    • Account

      Create an account to save your hearing profiles and access them anytime and anywhere in the world.

    • Hearing test

      You can choose between two hearing tests for sound personalization. The 2-minute test covers 9 frequency ranges, the extensive test a whopping 24.

    • Enjoy

      No matter whether music, video or podcast - listen to everything with a listening profile or create different profiles.

    Hear better

    awedia compensates for slight hearing deficits across all audible frequencies. People with good hearing also benefit from individual sound personalisation.

    Several profiles

    Choose from different patent-pending sound algorithms and save multiple profiles for your different headphones and earphones.


    The awedia app conjures up a sound of the reference class from almost every headphone.

    awedia App

    Basic frequencies


    extended frequencies


    Great listening moments

    Download the awedia media player for your devices from the Playstore or the App Store. Maximize the performance of your headphones and experience a sound with wow-effect.


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